What to see in 3 days in Prague




Prague or Praha in the Czech Republic, is a historic, Bohemian capital City. Its ancient city center is a UNESCO World Heritage site. We visited this charming city at around the end of the May and spent 3 days in Prague

From Stuttgart, we went to Nuremberg by train and from there, took a bus (service provided by German trains) to Prague. It was a long journey but we found it worth after reaching to the Prague.

It was a pleasant evening when we got down near central train station. Our host was enthusiastically waiting for us. We had booked a private apartment owned by an old friendly couple. On our way to the apartment, they explained about the orientation of the city and gave many useful tips.  The rented apartment was located near Náměstí Míru station.

We were little tired of traveling. Therefore, in the evening, instead of visiting any tourist attraction, we just strolled around, had dinner and winded up for the day.

Day 2

After breakfast, we headed straight towards the ‘Prague castle’. This is arguably world’s largest castle. One can hike up to the castle or take a tram. We chose the easier option. The castle has a large courtyard, palaces, museums, Cathedral, and garden. The area is huge and one can spend all day admiring the architectural beauty and the view over Prague city. We had to move on, so we returned to the base.

3 days in Prague
St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

By tram, we went to ‘Mala Strana (Lesser town)’ area which is on the left banks of the river Vltava. We passed St. Nicolas Church and walked towards the river to see ‘The Lennon wall’. This was just the normal wall until 1980, after which it is famous for its graffitis and various terms like Students’ movement, Lennonism associated with this wall.

3 days in Prague
View of Castle from Charles Bridge, Prague

From The Lennon’s wall, we reached to the historic, romantic Charles bridge. Though it was packed with tourists, its beauty and charm were not hidden. This is the Gothic style stone construction completed in early 15th Century. The bridge has 3 towers – 2 on the lesser town side and one on the old town side. There are 16 arches of the bridge and around 30 baroque-style statues adding to the beauty.

The Prague palace on the backdrop and Vltava river flowing in the front makes the bridge more romantic.

We crossed the bridge and the ‘Charles bridge Museum’ was on the left-hand side and the ‘St Salvator Church’ was in front. We were in the Old City of Prague. The area was crowded with tourists. There are numerous narrow lanes going in all the directions. One can just walk around and observe old gothic and baroque style buildings. We followed the ‘Royal route’.

First, we visited the Clementinum. It is a historic building with a National library and the mirror chapel. From here, walking through winding narrow lanes, we reached the ‘Old town square’. This is the oldest square in Europe, originated in about 10th century. The famous attractions like an Astronomical clock,  Church of Our Lady before Týn, Old Town hall are located around this square. This must be the most visited place in the Czech Republic.

3 days in Prague
Astronomical clock, Prague

The Church of Our Lady before Týn is the Gothic style architecture and since the 14th century, it has been the main church of this old town area. The Prague Astronomical clock was first installed in 1410. This is the third oldest clock and the oldest operating clock in the World. The Old town hall is the complex of houses built in the Gothic style.

Next to the Municipal House is the ‘Republic Square’. This is one of the important places in Prague. It is situated between the new and old city of Prague. There are numerous hotels and restaurants in this area. This will be the perfect location to stay and explore popular tourist destinations in Prague.

By the evening, we hopped on to Metro and reached to the Wenceslas Square. Though a square, this is a long straight street with National Museum on the top side. The square has witnessed many political demonstrations. One can spend all the day here, shopping and eating.

3 days in Prague
Wenceslas Square
 Day 3

Today we had about half day free and then we were heading to our next destination, Dresden. We had planned for the visit to the National Museum. Due to reconstruction, it was close and we had nothing extra to explore.

There are tons of museums in Prague. The National MuseumNational Technical MuseumLapidarium are just to name some. I think one can spot one or two museums from any square or a street. Aarush was too small to enjoy a visit to any museum. Therefore we decided to skip the museum. We had a day ticket for public transport. Therefore we simply wandered around with trams. This was quite entertaining for all of us.

After lunch, we said bye-bye to Prague and started for the next destination with the new excitement.


Prague is historic, famous, beautiful, affordable, delightful…

Prague is easy to fall in love with.

3 days in Prague
Municipal House, Prague

Some tips

  • Prague is small and can be easily explored on foot.
  • Public transport is amazing, cheap and includes buses, Metros and trams.
  • Food is especially cheap. If you want to enjoy romantic dinner or international cuisines on the budget, Prague is the place for it.
  • One can visit Dresden as a day trip from Prague.
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