What to do for 2 days in Dresden?

Dresden is internationally renowned not only for its great cultural heritage but also for contemporary music, arts- and film festivals. Dresden is the capital of Saxony (Sachsen), situated along the banks of River Elbe. The city is famous for its beautiful architecture and as a center for arts.

We visited Dresden for 2 days and it was in connection with our Prague trip. The journey from Prague to Dresden is only about 2 hours by train.

During WWII, the city was heavily bombarded and lost most of its cultural architecture but after that, the city has managed to resurrect its charm by rebuilding the most important landmarks. Alongside this reconstruction, Dresden has many remarkable modern architectures also. This is truly the mixture of the historic and modern world.

Day 1

Our first destination was Royal/Residence palace. Dresden has a rich history and it is very well preserved and displayed in this museum. Especially, the Historic Green Vault museum displays the Baroque treasure chamber in its full splendor. The precious objects made of amber and ivory, gemstone vessels and elegant bronze statuettes and many more such treasures, once owned by the King ‘August the Strong’, are on display. I will definitely recommend this museum.

There are many more exhibitions in the area but we did not visit all. I am sure, those will also be worthy of visiting.  

2 days in Dresden
Zwinger, Dresden

From this palace, we walked towards the ‘Zwinger’ which is just across the road. But walked little along the Ostra Allee and entered in the Zwinger through ‘Kronentor (Crown gate)’. Though with the strange name, ‘Zwinger’, it is world-famous for the most magnificent Baroque buildings in Germany.It has beautiful architecture, pavilions, galleries and the gardens in the courtyards. All of them are amazingly beautiful. There are some exhibitions in Zwinger also but we did not go inside. The visit to the second exhibition in a row was not all excitement for Aarush.

Now we came out of Zwinger from Riverside and the Semperoper was on the left-hand side. This is another beautiful baroque style building in the area. The famous and prestigious Saxon State Orchestra takes place here. The building was first built in the 1840s. It was reopened after reconstruction in 1985.

We crossed the River Elbe and reached Neustadt Markt. There are many cafes and restaurants surrounding the square. We finished our lunch and strolled around for some time. A pedestrian zone – Hauptstrasse, which hosts many shops, starts from this square and goes up to Albertplatz.

2 days in Dresden
Catholische Hofkirche

In the center of the Neustadt Markt, is the statue of Augustus the Strong (Elector of Saxony and King of Poland) covered with gold leaf. On the way to Albertsplatz, is the ‘Dreikoenigskirche Church’.

Our next destination was Brühl’s Terrace. We crossed the river again and returned to the old city area of Dresden. Adjacent to Dresden cathedral is the Brühl’s Terrace. This is about 500-meter long river bank developed into the ‘Balcony’. The view over the city and the river in front and the old buildings in the backdrop, make the place mesmerizing.

2 days in Dresden

From there, we walked towards inside of the old city to visit the ‘Frauenkirche (Our lady church). The sacred building was erected between 1726 and 1743. Today, it is reconstructed and opened to public from the year 2006. The characteristic bell-shaped stone dome is again shining in the sky. One can climb up to the viewing platform on the dome and admire the view of the city.

We filled ourselves with the dinner in the nearby restaurant and winded up for the day. Our legs needed a good rest.

Day 2

2 days in Dresden
Kunsthofpassage, Dresden

Today we started little late. The first destination, after breakfast, was ‘The Kunsthof Passage (Art Courtyard Passage)’. This is a very distinct attraction in Dresden. The courtyards of 5 houses along the Allee are artistically decorated as per different themes, namely jungle, light, elements, metamorphosis and fabulous theme. There are some cafes and shops in those courtyards. I will recommend this place to everyone from children, adults, artists, senior tourists, one and all. It is fun to experience the walk through this Allee. Aarush also had lots of enjoyment here.

2 days in Dresden
Statue of King Augustus II

By the evening, we returned to the old town in Dresden and did some shopping along the Prager street.  This is all pedestrian zone with modern shopping complexes and buildings.

We enjoyed our stay in Dresden. This is a beautiful city and it symbolizes the cultural hub of Europe.

Dresden has a rich history. She was terribly destroyed during WWII. 

Today, she has stood up again and regained her prosperity. 

One must visit the city at least once!

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