vogtsbauernhof: Black forest open-air museum

Black forest cake

All of us love the famous ‘black forest cake’. The dark chocolate cake with sour cherries and fresh cream… yummyyyy!!! But the story of this place doesn’t end here. Vogtsbauernhof is an interesting exhibition which takes us in the Black forest area beyond its delicacy.

vogtsbauernhof: Black forest open-air museum
Black forest open-air museum

Black Forest region in the south-west of Germany, has much more to offer besides the cake. This region is a treat for eyes. It has rich heritage roots and unique regional culture. In 17th and 18th century, the region hosted various local businesses like saw-mills, glass factory, textile, dairy, and farms etc. Maybe with increasing industrialization or due to other reasons, slowly this rural heritage started to become history.

In 1964, the state government – Baden Wuerttenberg, in which black forest is situated- decided to revive rural local traditions. They built an open-air museum where all these elapsed cultural elements are exhibited together.

vogtsbauernhof: Black forest open-air museum
Medieval style houses and typical of Black forest area.

The construction of this museum began with the restoration of Vogtsbauernhof farmstead. In the course of its development, various houses and workshops were restored one after another. Today, the museum displays some old-style farmhouses, sawmills, hemp presses, etc which also include a collection of furniture, traditional costumes, articles and tools for daily use. In 2010, adventure playground was added for the pleasure of children.

Black forest open-air museum is the best option for family day trips.

vogtsbauernhof: Black forest open-air museum
Workshops in the museum

Useful information for visitors

  1. The museum Vogtsbauernhof, is present between Hausach and Gutach. It is best reached by car, though less frequent public transport (Schwarzwaldbahn) is also available.
  2. The place is good for one full day visit. It is a large open area with different houses/buildings scattered around. One can roam around to explore them.
  3. If interested, one can join guided tours which are offered in German and English language.
  4. Every day, there are some activities and workshops like traditional baking and cooking, folklore demonstrations (wood carvings etc.). This will be a fun-filled experience for kids. Check the timings before you go, so that you won’t miss anything. Check this link for details about activities for kids.
  5. There is a restaurant at the entrance to satisfy an appetite. It serves regional delicacies. Do I need to say that one must try black forest cake?
vogtsbauernhof: Black forest open-air museum
Black Forest open-air museum

Have fun!…

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Black forest
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