Scenic train rides in Swiss- The GoldenPass Line



GoldenPass LIne
Classic golden coach

Switzerland tourism department has developed some scenic train routes. One of these scenic train rides in Swiss is the GoldenPass Line. The entire journey is about 5.5 hours. Each leg of the travel has a different type of train. From Lucerne to Interlaken Ost is the Golden colored panorama train with a restaurant. From Interlaken Ost to Zweisimmen is the regular train and in the last stretch is there is either panorama train or classic historic coaches. The entire journey is comfortable and through serene beauty.

The GoldenPass Line is the only route among them,  where- one need to transfer to another train 2 times – once at the Interlaken Ost and at Zweisimmen. The second change will not be required by the end of 2018.

Sections of the journey

GoldenPass LIne
GoldenPass LIne pic 4

The train starts from Lucerne central station and runs along the Lake Lucerne for some time. Further, we pass along more lakes like the Sarnersee and the Lungernsee. The train enters the Hasli valley and then reaches along the Lake Brienz. This is a Heaven on Earth. The train station is just on the banks of the lake. There are mountain peaks surrounding the lake looking at their reflections in the turquoise waters. There are typical, Switzerland style, wooden buildings and their galleries are smiling with all the types of colorful flowers. (One must stay here for at least one night).

GoldenPass LIne
Lake Brienz
GoldenPass LIne

Now train runs along the lake Thun and then enters in the valley. This is the most scenic valley with lots of waterfalls, mountain peaks, small villages, their churches and grazing heavy Swiss cows.

Further, the train enters the Simmen valley which has forest canopy and again with small villages. This entire stretch simply amazing.

GoldenPass LIne
GoldenPass LIne

From Zweisimmen, the train starts to ascend the mountain and reaches to another picturesque village, Gstaad. There are numerous luxury accommodations and shops in this area.

The train leaves this breath-taking valley to reach the topmost point of the journey. Across the mountain, the train enters in the French-speaking region. At the base of this mountain is the Lake Geneva and the town Montreux. Now descends the train slowly with cogwheel tracks and zigzag turns and reaches Montreux.

  1. The journey is scenic on both the sides but the better view can be enjoyed on the right-hand side of the train when traveling from Lucerne to Montreux.
  2. One does not need to travel by Golden Pass trains but can choose regional trains on selected or entire length of the route. Only the difference will be panoramic coaches with wide open windows and little more comfort.
  3. Golden pass ticket is valid for return travel to Mt. Pilatus from Lucerne. One can choose any of the available modes of transport.
  4. In the first-class coach, there are 8 seats on the front of the train for the better view.
  5. For the round trip, one can return to Lucerne by fast train via Bern in about 2 hours.

The Golden pass