Pink granite coast

Côtes-d’Armor, Brittany

Perros Guirec

Pink granite coast is one of the main attraction of Brittany’s Côtes-d’Armor along with food and the dramatic, spectacular nature destinations. The Normandy’s coastline is made of white chalk cliffs like in Etretat or D-Day beach whereas Brittany’s coasts are pink-red in color due to characteristic pink colored granite cliffs. Over the time, these coastal rocks have weathered due to wind and water to form various shaped rocks or boulders which shine brightly in the sunlight.

The pink granite can be seen almost everywhere in the Brittany but at some places along the coasts, these rocks have got so many dramatic shapes. Visitors can literally get the ‘out of the world’ experience.

Pink Granite Coast
A typical house of Brittany

Ploumanac’h is one of the towns in this to observe pink granite rocks formations at their best. It was voted ‘most favorite village of French’ in 2015 and we agree to that today also.

This is a small sweet town, part of Perros Guirec and situated near Lannion, a nearest largest city. Ploumanac’h can be reached in about an hour from Cap Frehel or in 2 hours from St Malo and Rennes.

The Ploumanac’h town itself is small, with a laid-back atmosphere and typical of Brittany feel. There are several accommodation options including numerous camping sites nearby. The region is popular for campers and caravan travelers. Ploumanac’h is exactly adjacent to the famous pink granite coast. The Ploumanac’h lighthouse is especially spectacular.

Pink Granite Coast
GR34 – A scenic walk along the coast

If you don’t live in Ploumanac’h but somewhere else in the nearby area, no worries, there is car parking near the start of a coastal walking trail. This coastal trail (popularly known as GR34 route) takes you through several viewpoints to observe unique shapes of rocks and the emerald waters of the channel. On this scenic coastal walk, you will find many hidden beaches with crystal clear emerald water shining on the beds of the pink granite rocks. Some of these granite boulders are as big as buildings reaching about 65ft. High tide is the perfect time for kids to play as the tidal water fills in to form shallow puddles in those rocks.

Pink Granite Coast
Sunset view

If you are a camper traveler (or even if not), check out various camping sites in this region. There are lots of options, each with their own facilities and services. Do some research and choose according to your requirements and budget.

Pink Granite Coast
Lighthouse on Pink Granite Coast

During our visit, we stayed at Yelloh! Village camping site. Their location, facilities, and rates, all together made this place our favorite home during the visit to Brittany.

Read here my review of this property.

Just about 10 km from Ploumanac’h, there is a bigger town called Tregastel which has weekly markets, restaurants, and shops. There is also a beautiful pink sandy beach with similar weather-affected granite rocks. This beach is also a nice fun place for coastal walks and beach activities. If you come here during low tides. You can climb on to huge boulders otherwise sunken in the channel water.

Large boulders on the beach of Tregastel

Tregastel aquarium, Saint Guirec beach and the Telecommunication park are some other attractions in this area. The telecommunication park is a unique attraction in Europe and is worth visiting with kids. Do not forget to take some food with you as there is no restaurant on site.

Telecommunication site
Telecommunication park

A visit to Ploumanac’h and the pink granite coast is an incredible experience full of fresh air, outdoor activities, delicious treats, away from daily boring routine and gives a feeling like going back to nature. You are gonna love it.

Pink Granite Coast
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