One day with family in Rothenburg, Germany

One day in Rothenburg
Ploenlein and Siebersturm, Rothenburg

The complete name is ‘Rothenburg ob der Tauber’. This is the medieval town with red-roofed houses looking over the river Tauber. Hence the name. Here is a guide to how to spend One day with family in Rothenburg, Germany.


The city was founded in 970 whereas the fortress was built later in 1080. It was almost the mid-1200s when the city got its fortified boundaries, marketplace and town church. In the period of kind Rudolph, the city became an imperial town with its autonomous recognition.

Later, due to wars and various epidemics, the town lost its political significance in the 16th century. But it still retained its imperial credentials.

After about 45% demolition in world war II, today the city is rebuilt and represents a beautiful medieval town.

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One day in Rothenburg
Typical lanes in Rothenburg old town

What to see

The old town itself is very beautiful. One can simply wander through lanes and admire the architecture, medieval time shop signs and local lifestyle. There are parks, museums, forts, churches and water mills which are worth visiting.


One day in Rothenburg
Old town wall and one of its 42 towers

The old town is guarded by a wall with as many as 42 gates or towers. One can walk along the length of this wall. Today, these walls offer a nice view over the old town inside.

The wall is reconstructed after WWII with the help of donations from various sources. The names of donators are in script on the wall. This walk along the fortification is a fun experience for children.

Market square

One day in Rothenburg
Half-timbered buildings in Rothenburg

Like in all European cities, this is a main happening square in the town. This is a popular place for the weekly market, local festivals, and occasional fireworks show etc. There is a Townhall in the square, flanked by an array of cafes and shops. The St. Georg fountain is present in the corner. The popular shopping street ‘Schmiedgasse’ starts from this square. And goes up to ‘Ploenlein’ – little square.

One day in Rothenburg
Shopping street Schmiedgasse, Rothenburg

Ploenlein (little square)

Rothenburg’s signature landmark towers are present in this square. The upper tower is called as ‘Siebersturm’ and the lower one is ‘Kobolzeller Tower’.


Rothenburg hosts 2 important unique museums, namely – Christmas museum (in Marketplace) and Criminal museum (on Schmiedgasse). Both the museums are worth visiting. The Christmas museum will be more the fun for kids.

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Castle gate

As said before, the town wall has many gates and this ‘Burgtor’ is one of them.  It was built as a protection from west of the town. The gate had a small opening which allowed only one person at a time. There was also an arrangement to pour boiling pitch on the attackers from inside the gate. Today, it serves as an entrance to the beautiful Castle garden.

This garden was not actually associated with the castle. In fact, the castle itself was present here and it was destroyed due to an earthquake in 1356. The fallen remains of the castle were used in the building of the town wall and then this garden was developed. Today, this is indeed a beautiful place with a river valley on the left-hand side. The arrangement of colorful flower beds is the main attraction in this garden.

This is a street along the old town fortification on the valley side. The stroll along this street is a treat for eyes. The view over a lush green valley of Tauber river, towers of fortifications and the red rooves of half-timbered houses add in the serene beauty. One can walk down up to the river and visit various medieval water mills.

One day in Rothenburg
Medieval style signs on the shops in Rothenburg.

Some tips

  • Rothenburg is a beautiful and perfect destination for families. One can spend one weekend by walking around the town and enjoying parks and local food. ‘Snowball’ is a traditional pastry.
  • Rothenburg is famous for shopping also…Enjoy!
  • There is informative walking tour which starts from the marketplace. There are lots of attractions like Meat and dance hall, Townhall, etc. which have interesting stories.
  • One can also plan to visit Harburg castle nearby.

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Rothenburg, Germany
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