My family visit to a Harburg Castle

family visit to a Harburg Castle
Harburg castle

Harburg is a small town, settled on the banks of Woernitz river in Bavaria state of South Germany. There is a castle is on a small hill – Harburg Castle. Built in the 12th century, it is a scenic day trip destination near Rothenburg– yet another more popular destination. The Harburg castle was built for military defense and housed prison as well.

The castle is best reached by car and there is plenty of parking available. We planned a family visit to the Harburg castle during summer.

Watch a video tour of Harburg castle

The Harburg castle can be visited only with the guided tour. The architecture is simple, strong and the location of the castle is mesmerizing. The entire castle has a protective wall all around. There is only one entrance which is reached via a small stone bridge.

family visit to a Harburg Castle
Courtyard of Harburg castle

Upon entering the castle, there is a stallion for horses and pigs. The road in front goes straight up to a tall tower – White tower. This was a judicial center.

The courtyard is wide open area and a 50-meter-deep well standing in the middle. There are various buildings surrounding the courtyard. A grain storage building and Baroque style old church stand next to each other on the left side. The princely building, kitchen area, stable are some more constructions.

family visit to a Harburg Castle
Watchtower in the fortification of Harburg castle

The entire fortress has a wooden walkway along the inner side of the wall. The wall has many rectangular openings, through which soldiers used to keep watch and even to attack the invader. Various artilleries and weapons were arranged along these openings in order to guard the castle. This protection system is interesting to see.

On the valley side, there is a viewing gallery overlooking the new Harburg town on the other side of the river. It is spectacular view and a photo point.

There is one restaurant in the courtyard and seems to be good. Otherwise, there is nothing in the vicinity. One must go across the river in the town.

Harburg is a small laid back town and a good for a half-day excursion.