All about Mount Pilatus near Lucerne, Switzerland

Mt. Pilatus
View of Dragon shaped Lake Lucerne from Mt. Pilatus

The Mt. Pilatus, situated in central Switzerland, near Lucerne, is the legendary place. There are stories about dragon-shaped Lake Lucerne and Mt. Pilatus as a protector. With the height of 2132 mt, Mt. Pilatus can control and change the weather. From its peak, one can see as much as about 70 peaks in Swiss Alps. While traveling in central Switzerland, a visit to the Pilatus is a must.

Arrival –

The mountain can be easily visited from Lucerne as a day trip. There are 2 routes. One can select any one or can go by one way and return by another. We chose the latter option.

Route 1 –

Mt. Pilatus
second Steepest rack train on Mt. Pilatus

Take a train from Lucerne central station to Alpnachstad. It takes only about 20 minutes to reach there. Alternatively, one can take a boat from Lucerne dock to Alpnachstad. This will take about half an hour to one hour.

From Alpnachstad, take a cogwheel train which climbs up to Pilatus Kulm. This train is the world’s steepest train with 48% Ascent. This is a thrilling experience. This train operates only during summer from May to November. In winter, one must take route option 2.

Route 2 –

Mt. Pilatus
Cable car to Mt. Pilatus

Take a bus no 1 to Kriens from the central bus stop at Lucern. In about 5 – 10 min, get down at the stop ‘Zentrum Pilatus’. Follow the directions and walk for another 5 min and reach to the gondola station. Take a Gondola and climb up to ‘Fraekmuentegg’. Here, one needs to change to the areal cable car to reach to Pilatus Kulm.

Mt. Pilatus
Panoramic view from Mt. Pilatus

Pilatus Kulm is not the highest point but it is a plateau region (may be artificially made) below the peak. The view from here is also mesmerizing. There is a restaurant with a view. The large observation deck is convenient for a broader view.

One can walk around or hike as per choice to the ‘Oberhaupt’ or to Tomlishorn’ or to the highest peak ‘Esel’.

Mt. Pilatus
Pilatus Kulm with an observation deck.

On the route 2 from Kriens to Pilatus Kulm, there are 2 stations namely ‘Krienseregg’ and ‘Fraekmuentegg’. These stations have some simmer activities like Children’s playground, Toboggan run, High rope park etc. These are fun-filled and enjoyable for the entire family. In winter these activities are closed but only for Skiing to replace them with.

Mt. Pilatus
Steep rack-train of Mt. Pilatus