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When we think of the Czech Republic, Prague is the first place to strike us. And then… what’s next…? well, our list of places to visit in Czechia (that’s what some say) start and end up at Prague. The Czech Republic is a historic, cultural and naturally scenic destination. There are a lot more places, easily reachable from Prague and these places are totally different from what you see in Prague.

Liberec region is a small area towards the northeast of Czech Republic, about 1 hour from Prague. Keep on reading this guide to Liberec to know what to see, things to do and why should you go beyond Prague to Liberec when you are in the Czech Republic.

Introduction to Liberec

The Liberec Region is the second smallest region in the Czech Republic. It is situated on the borders of Czechia, Germany, and Poland in the North Bohemian region. Liberec city is the capital of this region.

Geographically, Liberec region includes the North Bohemian Mountain ranges like the Jizera Mountains, Lusatian Mountains. The region has been inhabited from pre-historic period. We can see common threads between North Bohemian and German cultures due to historic borders settlements of German tribes in here.

The Liberec region is the cultural hub with about 10 cultural monuments like Jested Tower. One can characterize the Liberec region as glassworks, Jewellery making, and various manufacturing industries. The rolling mountains and numerous viewpoints offer the best paradise for nature lovers, hikers, and mountaineers. Jizera mountains are popular skiing destination for a long time.

Having said that, and as the name of this article suggests-  a guide to Liberec, let‘s see where to go and where to stay in the Liberec region.

Things to do

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Where to stay

The Czech Republic is comparatively cheap from that of western European countries. But this doesn’t mean any sort of compromise. There are wide options from budget accommodations to luxury chateaus. One can stay in the hustle-bustle of the city center or may choose to stay among the woods and mountains in the laps of Mother Nature.

I am sure you can find plenty of options and deals but here is my recommendation. I have personally checked this property and have stayed there.

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