How will you travel in Europe?

Europe’s open border policy, efficient infrastructure, scenic landscapes and rich cultural heritage attract more and more tourists every year. Efficient travel network – inter and intra-countries, make the travel in Europe much easy and cheaper. Europe has developed all the modes of transportation and that is indeed the fun factor during travel. Fast trains, speeding highways – ‘Autobahns’, budget airlines, ferries and luxury cruises…everything is there at our service.



Europe has some important airports like Paris and Frankfurt. These are large, modern and quiet busy airports. Most of the long-distance flights depart from here. Some large airline companies such as Lufthansa, Air France, KLM fly with a full load and hefty prices. But there are budget airlines as well which are affordable and convenient for travel within Europe. Ryanair, Eurowings, Condor are some examples. They have great service, frequent cheap flights and lots of offers. If you grab a good deal, these flights can be cheaper than road transport and obviously can be time-saving. The earlier you book, the cheaper the prices are. Note that most of the times, these bookings are not cancellable and non-changeable. You may have to pay extra for check-in luggage.



Europe trains are famous for their high speed, modern coaches, and scenic routes. There is no way to skip this travel during the stay in Europe. Trains run everywhere with a lot of variations. ICE (Inter City Express) and TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) takes you to the destination as fast as they can whereas cogwheel trains will take you slowly to the top of the mountain.

Night trains are fun on travel with kids. They love the tiny cabins. One can travel to Venice from Munich through the night, arrive fresh, explore entire Venice and return the same night to Munich by next night train.

I think Switzerland is best experienced with their trains. They have creatively developed rail routes which take you from lush green valleys to chilling glaciers. The Bernina Express, Glacier Express, and Golden Express are the amazing experiences.

Rack trains or cogwheel trains are great excitements with kids. Trains to the tops of Pilatus or to Jungfraujoch in Switzerland and up to the fortress in Salzburg, Austria are just for the example.



Like trains, there is a network of private bus companies. Megabus, Flexibus, Eurobus are some famous companies which provide long distance travel services. These can be sometimes dirt cheap if you travel offseason, at odd timings like at midnight or so. This is the best option for youngsters and students with the tight budget. The long distance travel may not be very comfortable but still, it is popular among tourists.


Autobahns (Highways)

The open border policy and easy availability of some of the favored cars (like BMW, Porsche, Audi etc) are the advantages of Europe road travel. Europcar, Sixt are big car rental companies in Europe. Roads are smooth, scenic and could be the most convenient choice for the families. Some countries have toll free roads while some charge a nominal fee. There are stretches with absolutely no speed limits (e.g. in Germany).

Spain and Greece are best traversed through by car. The range of Alps has plenty of hidden jewels and some of these places do not have public transport access. In such cases, a car is necessary.

Some people hire a caravan/motorhomes and set off for the entire Europe road trip with family. This explains how convenient and comfortable road travel in Europe can be.

Just to mention, traveling by car in the popular cities like Paris, Amsterdam can be tricky and cars are not at all allowed in some cities like Venice and Zermatt.


Waterways are not only developed as a transport means but they also attract quite a lot of tourists.  Some much famous cruises are the Nordic Fjord cruise or a Mediterranean cruise.  These are the best option to explore coastal regions with a pace. The ferries are the cheaper option and cruises are as costly as they can be. There are plenty of options available.

Some river cruises are also popular in the cities like in Amsterdam, Venice, etc. Rhine cruise in Germany and canal cruise in Amsterdam are popular romantic tours. Cinque Tere, in Italy, can be best captured in the camera from ferries. Boat ride with commentary near Rhine waterfall is the pure enjoyment of kids.

Cable cars and chairlifts

Some hilly regions in Europe can be approached by cable cars or chairlifts. chairlifts are generally for smaller hilly tops whereas cable cars take us to the greater heights. Popular Mountaintops in Switzerland like Mt. Titlis, can be reached only by cable cars. Some mountain tops have both the options of cogwheel trains and cable cars. I always remember the fun we had in chairlift of Vianden in Luxembourg.

Europe travel options are vast. Each option is best with its own pros and cons. I would suggest to include different transport options for different destinations for the best experience.

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