Happy new year 2018!

Hello dear readers,

It’s a year ending and here is my last post of the year 2017. It’s also a time to celebrate the success of this blog which was possible only due to your love for my Blog and the guidance from time to time.

Travel planning and then actually exploring the places has always made me jump for it.  I got a real opportunity to satisfy my passion for travel after we shifted to Europe about 7 years back. I am happy that I could use each and every opportunity to walk on unknown streets, to climb the mountains, to relax on beaches, to meet new people, to taste a variety of foods and this journey is unending. Lots of my friends were encouraging me to share my know-how about travel and various places. I just didn’t know how to do that and how to reach more and more people.

Conclusively, in January of this year, I started my own blog. What all I had, was lots of interesting information about the destinations and a huge pile of photos. I am not techno-savvy as well. That was all the beginning from a scratch.

Through various ups and downs and learnings, the blog is completing its first year.  All the credit goes to you- Readers. Some popular posts this year were about ‘visiting Europe for the first time’, tips about exploring Switzerland or the recent post about unknown attractions in Naples, Italy. These posts helped in clarifying lots of queries and these also inspired people to visit the places. I am delighted to see the overwhelming responses.

This year, I got featured by other fellow travel bloggers. You can check their respective blogs – Blog1Blog2Blog3. I think this is rather a success for me.

The year 2018 is here and I have decided to upgrade my blog on the occasion of a new year and in the celebration of the completion of the first year. What do I mean by upgrade? Unquestionably, this year also I will visit new places and will share my experiences and insider tips with you. What else? I am starting my own YouTube channel – Varshastravel360. As per my experience, We get a wholesome impression of the place better by a film/video rather than just by reading about it or by looking at the photos. To enhance the readers’ experience, I will be sharing the Vlogs about my travel and visits to new places. Isn’t that wonderful? Next year is going to be busy.

After reading my posts, if you decide to visit the place then book your hotel directly from Varshastravel360. Search through the wide range of accommodations around the world with best deals on Booking.com through my site. Enjoy your holidays!

What’s more? My domain (the name– varshastravel360) is now available on a wide range of social platforms like InstagramTumblrTwitterPinterestGoogle+ and let’s not forget the Facebook. Now you can check additional destination photos on Instagram, check the related videos on the YouTube or you can check the updates and read other noteworthy travel related articles on tweeter. I would suggest following us on social media and subscribing to the YouTube channel- Varshastravel360 to remain informed about the updates.

On a concluding note, I want to thank you all for being with us through this website and for sharing your admiration towards my blog. More exciting destinations are coming up in the next year.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year!!!

Stay curious and keep traveling.