Top things to do in Dubai with kids

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Dubai skyline
Dubai skyline

One of the most thriving tourists’ destinations across Asia and the world, Dubai is your best option when looking for a holiday that allows you to spend time with your family without burning a hole in your pocket. Don’t believe us? If you’re looking for budget things to do in Dubai, here are the top things to do in Dubai like a king, within your pocket range. Read On.

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Kid-Friendly Accommodation

Dubai has something to offer to everyone from the Richie-rich to the economy class, it opens its arms to all with the same warmth. Price of an accommodation is not the biggest criteria when traveling with kids. The most priority concern is that the hotel must be kid-friendly.

Dubai with kids
Atlantis the Palm, Dubai

While premium hotels like Atlantis The Palm and Radisson Blu are known for their kid-friendly services, they’re hardly affordable hotels in Dubai for the ones on a budget trip. Look for hotels near the airport. They are nice, clean, spacious for your kids to play and not very costly too. The area surrounding the mall of Emirates also offers a variety of great hotels within a budget of anywhere between 100 to 200AED. Most of the hotels in Dubai have attached swimming pool for kids to play. Many of the hotels offer nanny services for small children. If nothing, almost every hotel have special child-friendly services such as milk re-heating, hot water, extra bed and play area.

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Kid-Friendly Meals

Dining out with your little one is not always as refreshing as you’d rather want it to be. In such a scenario, you’d want to be in a restaurant that understands you as a parent and is patient enough to bear the occasional kiddishness of your children right? This is why we bring you the list of some great kid-friendly restaurants which are economical on your pocket as well.

Dubai with kids
Arabian food

Sumo sushi and bento– A perfect place for amazing seafood and a special free kid meal Tuesday. Yes, you read right, go there on a Tuesday and let your kid eat as much as they want to and enjoy, they won’t charge you.

Breakfast to breakfast– remember the panic that strikes you on vacations when in the middle of the night your kid screams for food. Ah! We know the feeling. But nothing to worry when you’re in Dubai. Breakfast to breakfast is the place where you kid can eat anytime 24hours a day. From pizzas, french-fries to waffles, everything is available 24 hours a day.

Ravi restaurant– looking for something that has the economical stamp but leaves a tantalizing taste on your taste buds? Go to the old part of Dubai and enjoy a heartful meal at Ravi’s restaurant. An all out Indian restaurant, the menu will blow your mind. It is hygienic, kid-friendly and very economical.

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Dubai with kids
Dubai transport

While roaming the beautiful Dubai, the best way to reach anywhere in the least time and with least expense is to go by Metro. It stretches from the length and breadth of Dubai and is almost always on time. Besides metro, the next best option is the bus. It’s cheap and your kids can enjoy sightseeing too. If your pocket allows you can take the comfort of cabs too whenever you feel kids are tired enough to ask you to hold them in arms 😉

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Kid-Friendly Places to visit

Almost all the places in the city of Dubai is kid-friendly but there are some top things to do in dubai that are most loved by children and we’re sure your child will thank you with lots of kisses if you take him/her to the following places:

Dubai Museum

Dubai with kids
Dubai Museum

Dubai is a place with an inspiring history and art. Take your kids to this pocket-friendly Dubai Museum that displays the history of Dubai so exceptionally, it will have all your kid’s attention, that’s a given. Lifelike statues, and scenarios displaying the life of those times, and so much more make this place a must visit with kids.

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Miracle garden

Dubai with kids
Miracle garden, Dubai

This garden so beautiful, your children won’t ever forget it. Not too costly to enter but an experience that’s priceless, Dubai Miracle garden is everything your children ever wondered in terms of flowers, gardens, decors and yes, butterflies. Home to more than 45 million amazing natural flowers in designs unfathomable by many, the Dubai Miracle garden is a must visit for everyone traveling with family.

Global Village

Dubai with kids
Global village, Dubai

When the glam, lights, entertainment, and the feel of the ultimate enjoyment beckons, head to Global Village without delay. It’s a place with power packed entertainment for one and all. Kids definitely enjoy the best time of their lives but it’s a terrific entertainment place for adults too. An all in all family place, global village allows you to enjoy the best cuisine and gifts of over 70 countries while rides, slides and clowns and so much more keep your kids happily busy. The global village is one of the best things to do in Dubai with kids, hands down.

Theme Parks

Dubai with kids
IMG rides in Dubai

Dubai is the den of the world’s best theme parks. From IMG rides Dubai to Bollywood parks, Motiongate, Dubai parks and resorts… the list goes on. If you’re a big family, entry tickets can be a bit costly, but rest assured they’re worth every bit your investment. If you have constraints on the budget, choose any one of the theme parks depending upon the age of your kids and the offering and go there, but don’t miss going to the theme parks in Dubai. I definitely recommend it as one of the top things to do in Dubai.


Dubai sea shore
Dubai seashore

Dubai is a predominantly hot city. Even in the months of December, the city is nothing more than just pleasant. So, chilling on beaches is one of the best options when you want to spend time with family, keep kids happily busy and don’t want to shell out a lot of money. Go to the Jumeirah beach and enjoy the sunset overlooking the iconic Burj Al Arab. No entry fee, the beach is an absolute must visit.

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Dubai with kids
Waterpark, Dubai

Known for its waterparks, when in Dubai you just can’t miss its waterparks. Almost all the well-known waterparks in Dubai hold some or the other world record so rest assured, your day at any of the waterpark in Dubai is surely going to stay with your kids for the longest time in their memories.


Dubai is one of the few cities in the world that fits perfectly in any budget. To top that, its conservative approach makes it an ideal place to visit with families. A highly family and culture-oriented city, Dubai is a city you just can’t miss. It’s highly recommended to visit with your kids at least once.

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