Na Strazi, Sloup

Lookout towers/viewpoints

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Liberec region is a small area towards the northeast of Czech Republic, about 1 hour from Prague. Keep on reading to know different lookout towers and viewpoints you can visit during your visit.

  • Jested Tower
  • Na Strazi
  • Královka Lookout Tower

Jested Tower

Liberec city
Jested Tower

This is a famous lookout TV tower of Liberec region. First built in 1876, this tower went under repeated reconstructions and renovations. The present tower — finished building in 1973 – is a metallic structure hosting one hotels and one restaurant.

There is a car parking at the base of the tower and from there about 10 min uphill walk. The hotel customers can drive up to the tower but one needs to book way before arrival.

The views from here over the Liberec city and the surrounding rolling hills will fetch you many times on the top.

The best time to visit here is during sunrise or sunset. Look at the photo below and I am sure, no other explanation is required.

Na Strazi lookout tower

Na Strazi, Sloup
View from castle, Sloup

Towards west from Liberec, in the Novy Bro Valley, a characteristic sand stone formation attracts nature lovers and historians. 

If you have read my previous post about Bastei rocks in Germany, you will see similar steep rock structures here. (Bastei rocks are much bigger and dense).

Na Strazi, Sloup
Forest Theatre

The area has one historic Hermitage castle, ruins of open-air forest theatre, a lookout tower, and viewpoints. Cars can reach up to the top but if you are interested, hike one way through forest trails. If you have seen Bastei (or even if you haven’t), skip the Hermitage castle and head straight towards the forest theatre and viewpoints. The lookout tower is a bit high to climb but worth of the views from up there.

Královka Lookout Tower

Královka Lookout Tower
Královka Lookout Tower

The Kralovka tower and the surrounding area are the perfect places to escape from city crowds and to find a moment of peace in nature. The tower is built in stone and is surrounded by unending views over woods covered Jizerské Hory. The area offers many hiking/skiing and biking routes suitable for different travelers. There is a restaurant, a hotel and children’s play area on site.

If you wish to stay longer in this natural paradise, there is also a possibility to stay in the former President’s house nearby. It will be the best way to relax in the heart of Jizera mountains relishing in Czech traditional food.

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