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Factories and Workshops

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Workshops and Factories

Liberec region is a small area towards the northeast of Czech Republic, about 1 hour from Prague. Keep on reading to know different factories and workshops you can visit during your visit.

  • Glassworks and Glass beads manufacturing
  • Jewelry making and Glass beads manufacturing
  • Wooden toys factory


Pačinek Glassworks
Pačinek Glassworks

The glassworks industry in Liberec region has a long history. The Bohemian glass has been popular from historic times. In the Liberec region, tourists can visit these glass manufacturers and who knows..… they may get to blow a glass also. 

Pacinek glass workshop
Men at work

I visited the Pacinek glassworks who are one of the well-known glass articles manufacturers in the Liberec region. There I got to blow glass for the first time. It was really an amazing experience. 

Pacinek glass workshop
Glassblowing at Pacinek glass workshop

The colorful artistically made glass articles make a good souvenir to take back home. The Pacinek glassworks have one outlet in Prague also. 

Glass beads manufacturing and Jewellery making

Glass beads workshop
Glass beads workshop at Rautis

Like glass articles are popular from the Bohemian region, the glass beads are also traditional produce of Liberec region. This lead to a flourishing of yet another industry – Jewellery designing and manufacturing. Variously shaped glass beads in fantastic colors and textures give a unique gleam to the jewelry. At some Jewellery manufacturers like ‘Palace Plus’, you can design your own jewelry and take it home. What else do our lady travelers want, right?

Glass beads
Glass beads decoration articles

If you are curious to know how glass beads are made then there are few places which show the visitors this process step by step. I visited ‘Rautis’ and was left mesmerized at the end of the tour through their factory. I am sure, kids will equally enjoy all this process.

Note– I found that the process of coloring glass beads includes some toxic chemicals and the atmosphere can be unsafe for workers. I am not sure about the side effects of this but felt little concerned.

Wooden toy factory

Detoa wooden toys factory
Detoa wooden toys factory

Liberec region has got another feather in the crown – wooden toy factory. The Detoa toys factory is a well-known manufacturer and exporter of wooden toys. They give their visitors a tour of the factory and explain various steps in a making of wooden toys. Kids will enjoy observing many their favorite characters being made from scratch to on-the-shelf. They have some creative workshops for kids where they get to color their toys and get to keep them.

Detoa wooden toys factory
Detoa wooden toys factory

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