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Liberec city
Townhall Square


Liberec city is the capital of Liberec region. It is small with a laid-back atmosphere. The Town hall and the square in front of it, the Regional art gallery, Botanical and zoological gardens are some of the popular attractions in the city.

One can reach Liberec easily by train or by car from Prague. The travel time from Prague to Liberec by an express train is about 50 min. Once in the city, a tram will be the best option to get around. If you can arrive by car, that will be more convenient to explore nearby sites as well.

Places to visit

Town hall and the square

Liberec city

Liberec city Townhall was built in 1893 based on Vienna’s Townhall. The building has been used in many Hollywood movies and one can get more information about it through the guided Film Tour of the Townhall.   

The Townhall square is a central happening place where various social gatherings and public events take place. Like any other European Square, this one is also surrounded by cafes and shops. Simply sit down at any cafe and enjoy the sight of local life pass by.

Regional art gallery

Regional Art Gallery
Regional Art Gallery

Former public swimming pool and later converted into an art gallery, this is an interesting place to visit. The building’s old yellow facade is of typical Bohemian style. Inside, there are exhibitions based on various themes. My favourite display was the underground paintings section.

North Bohemian Museum

North Bohemia Museum
North Bohemia Museum

Immediately opposite to Regional art gallery, there is the North Bohemian museum. No one can miss this charming characteristic building. If you are interested in knowing details about the history of this (north Bohemia) region, the museum is worth the visit.

Note– This museum is closed until November 2019 due to reconstruction works.

Botanical and Zoo

Botanical garden Liberec
Botanical garden

The botanical garden has a nice collection of orchids, carnivorous plants, etc and also the giant lily. A short trip to this garden will definitely refresh you.

A zoo is also present adjacent to the Botanical garden. When you are traveling with kids, a visit to the zoo will be an all-time favorite treat for them. Liberec zoo has rare white tigers along with many other animals like elephants, giraffe etc.

Botanical garden and the zoo both can be visited in one day.



As the city is based in the valley surrounded by hills, it offers a perfect destination for kids-friendly skiing. Jizera Mountains are famous skiing destination and so the Liberec.


If you visit Liberec during summer season the surrounding mountains have various trails for hiking to different view points. 

View over Townhall square


Liberec has a lot of accommodation options to choose from. There are budget-friendly pensions, family friendly hotels and up-scale accommodations as well. You can check availability here.

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