Cycling through Bremen


Bremen is a city municipality and a major cultural and economic hub. It is situated on both sides of River Weser, in north Germany. When we were in Hamburg, we visited this city on one sunny, pleasant day.

There are trains every hour from Hamburg to Bremen. Just outside the Bremen station, we found a rental bicycle center. Bremen is more or less flat and a small city. Therefore we rented bicycles and started for the day cycling through Bremen!

Cycling through Bremen
Town Hall, Bremen

At first, we went to Bremen Rathaus (town hall). It is built between 1405 and 1410 in Gothic style and it is one of the greatest north German architecture. In front of this heritage building, there is a ‘Roland statue’. This statue represents the freedom and market rights. The Roland statue and the town hall building are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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In one of the corners in this crossroads, an open-air theatre was set up. We stopped there with curiosity. In a short while, they started a show for children – The musicians of the Bremen. What a surprise, we were watching a live show of this fairytale in the city of its origin! The show was excellent, full of fun and entertainment.

On the other side of the square, people were busy in taking photos of the sculpture of ‘Musicians of the Bremen’. We also joined them. The Bremer market area, the St Peter’s dome, the Parliament building and the Chamber of Commerce, all are in the vicinity of this square.

Cycling through Bremen
Boettecher road, Bremen

From there, we went next to the Chamber of commerce and entered in a narrow lane. This is ‘Boettecher Road’. In an early 20th century, the famous coffee merchant, Ludwig Roselius, bought all the houses along this lane. He completely rebuilt the structures with red bricks and created this homogenous and architecturally remarkable lane. Today, these buildings host museums and many trendy shops.  The ‘Seven lazy brothers fountain’, ‘Glockenspiel’, ‘House of Atlantis’, ‘Roselius-House’ are some of the buildings in this lane.

At another end of the Boettecher Lane, we found an Italian restaurant. We wasted no time to relish on pizza. It was bit pricey, but the food was authentic.

Cycling through Bremen
Another view of Boettecher road, Bremen

Now we headed towards the city wall fortification. This was used as the protecting wall during historic settlement. Later on, due to improved weapons, the wall was no longer protective. Therefore, in the early 19th century, it was transformed into a place of culture and beauty. Today, it is admired for its gently rolling hills, a zigzag pattern and the picturesque meandering moat. We paddled from one end to the other, alongside the water stream. It was an amazingly refreshing experience. There are lots of picturesque points and stops. We visited the historic windmill in this park. Many people were enjoying cake and coffee in the restaurant there. Some were having a leisurely walk or some were simply relaxing on grass… it was a charming atmosphere. I personally liked this recreation.

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Paddling along, we reached on the banks of Weser river. It was a wide open area with lots of greenery. We continued through the grass along the winding paths. It was a nice, sunny afternoon. Kids were playing. Elderly people were relaxing on the benches. Some youth group was grilling on the picnic grill. We also enjoyed cycling along the river. Aarush played slides and swings for some time. We took a coffee break.

Cycling through Bremen
Schnoor Quarter, Bremen

Now, it was the time to move ahead. We entered in the Bremen’s oldest district, the Schnoor quarter. It is a maze of lanes lined with little half-timbered houses dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries. Today, one can shop souvenirs, enjoy coffee in the small cafes or a romantic dinner in the beautifully decorated small restaurants. World’s smallest hotel is also present here. It was a nice experience.

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By the evening, we returned to the train station for the back journey to Hamburg. We spent the entire day with the pure joy. Bremen is a lively city and we missed many attractions due to a short time. We left the city with a promise to return back soon.

Cycling through Bremen
Windmill, Bremen

Some tips

  • To explore Bremen, the bicycle is the best option.
  • Public transport is also convenient and economic.
  • Bremen University is one of the reputed universities in Germany. Expect lots of youthful enthusiasm.
  • Try to visit some nearby locations, e.g. Maritime Mile, Bremerhaven.
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