Christmas around Europe

Traveler’s choice for best Christmas markets and traditions

Christmas around Europe

Christmas is approaching soon and entire Europe is getting ready to celebrate it. After few years of stay in Europe, I have understood that there are various interesting traditions of Christmas and different ways to celebrate it in different places. There are some best Christmas markets in Europe which are worth visiting at least once.

Christmas gifts

I live in Munich and like the festive atmosphere in here which extends right from November end and lasts for about a month. Multiple best Christmas markets pop up all around the city with various themes. Each of these markets are quite interesting to visit. There are antiques, seasonal food items, gifts and many more things on sale.

Did you know that Jizera Mountains in Czech Republic is a popular skiing destination?

My pick is medieval style market at Odeons square and their traditional wines served in the markets. The Metz (honey wine) and ‘wine on fire’ (from Isartor market) are my favorite ones. The glass of warm and spiced-up but sweetish wine makes a perfect add-on to the charming feel of those markets. These wines also help to survive in the chilling weather. 

Watch the video series of different Christmas markets around Munich for more details.

I asked my traveler friends about their favorite places to celebrate Christmas. Below are some of their recommendations.

Allison  from Sofia Adventures likes to celebrate Christmas in Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia, Bulgaria

She says Sofia is home to a German-style Christmas market selling glühwein and wursts alongside Bulgarian classics like palacinka (pancakes). Sofia also has the largest open-air ice skating rinks in the Balkans which is open seasonally in Borisova Garden.

Karen, the owner of travel blog ‘Wanderlustingk‘ suggests Cologne, Germany as a festive city.

Cologne cathedral
Cologne cathedral

Cologne is home to more than five charming Christmas markets spread across the city, including one market under the stunning Dom cathedral that is beautifully lit up at night. At many of the markets, you can sip on gluhwein, sample traditional regional foods (including worst), and purchase gnome-themed souvenirs!

Denovan‘ owner Gillian would spend here year end a Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh panorama
Edinburgh, Scotland

According to her, you can’t help but fall under the charm of Edinburgh at Christmas time with its famous Christmas markets (two no less!), festive fairground, ice rink, Santa land and much more! The Scottish capital turns into a real life magical winter wonderland for 6 weeks running and is a must on your Scottish bucket list.

What is your favourite place to celebrate Christmas?

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