Cap Frehel- a hiking destination

Côtes-d’Armor, Brittany

Cap Frehel
Panoramic view of Cap Frehel

Only about an hour from St. Malo or Dinan, the Cap Frehel is truly a nature paradise, straight out of storybooks. Emerald coasts on the English Channel, high rising cliffs of pink granite and about 2 square kilometer trails makes this place a must visit dramatic attraction in Brittany. Cap Frehel is also a bird reserve and thus attracts lots of bird watchers each year.

Cap Frehel
Land-head and English channel at Cap Frehel

The extreme head – Cap – is easily reachable by car. There is plenty of car parking and camping area available. You will see the old and new lighthouses from the car parking and the vast area in front covered with channel waters. But once you cross the lighthouse building, long protruded land-head will be in the sight. Go up to the tip and enjoy the amazing panoramic views on both the sides, over the cliffs rising high above the emerald water of the channel. In the clear weather, the channel islands are also visible from here.

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One can hike or bike along both the sides of this cap. About 2 sq. km area around this Cap Frehel is a national reserve and it has lead to the development of the flora typical of this region. During warm weather, different birds can be seen taking shelter in the vegetation or along the cliffs.

Cap Frehel
Old and new lighthouses of Cap Frehel

With a nominal fee, one can climb up the lighthouse and I insist you go there. The rustic old lighthouse is no more in use but the new one is also an impressive stone architecture. You will have to climb 145 steps to reach on the top of 30 mt tall tower but the views from there are just incredible. All those efforts are worth taking.

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One can easily spend about 2-3 hours to visit the lighthouse and the extreme tip of the cap. If you choose to explore the nearby places walking or biking, it will be another half day to full day activity. I would suggest spending at least half a day here.

Cap Frehel
dramatic cliffs of Cap Frehel

The Cap Frehel area does not have many facilities. There is a toilet near car parking but apart from that nothing is there. Bring your own food and drinks. You will also need some protection from sun and wind. Depending upon season, rain jackets will be necessary. The area is safe and suitable for kids and dogs. If you come here well planned and well equipped, you won’t be leaving the place so soon. It is indeed spectacular and you will never get enough of it.

Mont St. Michael is only about one and half hour from Cap Frehel.

Note: Cap Frehel is a thrillingly beautiful destination and it is a nature reserve also. One needs to be a responsible visitor and take care not to disturb birds, flora and other natural wealth.

Little caution goes a long way!

Cap Frehel
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