A short trip to Malaga


Malaga is the capital city of Malaga Province in Spain. It is famous for Pablo Picasso’s birthplace and the typical Mediterranean sun and sand. We visited this beautiful city in the month of June for 2 days.

Malaga is a little laid back city as compared to Barcelona and Madrid. People are friendly, happy and loud. The city offers few historical attractions and beautiful sandy beaches.

Day 1

We arrived at Malaga in the late morning by plane. From the airport, by bus, it took about half an hour to reach the city center. Malaga, in the first impression, was a city with lots of greenery and artistic buildings.

We checked in the hotel and then started exploring streets and lanes of the city. As it was the summer season, there were lots of tourists in the city (and so we). All the streets were so clean and smooth that they looked as if polished. I was puzzled by their appearance. Shops were nicely decorated with all trendy clothes and accessories.

While walking through narrow lanes, we reached Plaza de la Merced. This is one of the beautiful squares of the city. The large obelisk is present in the center of this big square. The famous artist Pablo Picasso’s birth house is nearby. It is now converted in the museum.

A short trip to Malaga
Teatro Romano, Malaga

With a small walk from there, we reached Teatro Romano. It is an ancient amphitheater, built in 1st century AD. This amphitheater is located just below Alcazaba palace. The Alcazaba palace is a Moorish style fortification built in the 11th century. The palace is located on a small hill and is surrounded by lush green gardens. The view over the coastline of Malaga from this hilltop is amazing.  The Teatro Romano is located in a pedestrian zone with lots of restaurants in the vicinity. We decided to try Spanish Paella while participating in one of the famous and favorite activities of Europeans. Yes, you guessed it right, to sit at the roadside table in the restaurant and watch people around.  As the restaurant was in the pedestrian zone, lots of street entertainment activities were going on. Someone was playing a brilliant piece of music on guitar. Some artists were painting the amphitheater and Alcazaba. Children were running around and lots of curious and enthusiastic tourists were walking by. After a bit of rest and refreshment, we started to walk again. The food was ok, ok.

Now we reached Malaga cathedral. There are lots of nicely arranged plants surrounding the cathedral. The cathedral tower rises above in the background. The building is beautifully decorated with lots of sculptures and carvings.

A short trip to Malaga

Our final stop for the first day was ‘Malaga’s Park’. This is a large elongated garden situated along the length of the coast of Malaga. There are various flowering trees and shrubs. The park also contains many exotic plants. This is one of the best recreations of the space along the coast. While strolling through, we found a small play area for kids. We (especially Aarush) always get delighted with such findings. There are 2 fountains on each end of the garden. Somewhere in the middle of the length of the park, an artistic facade of the town hall building adds to the beauty of the garden.

At the end of this park, we reached Fuente De Las Tres Gracias. Malaga’s Bullring was across the square. We turned right and reached the Mediterranean sea. There was large open space with an ice-cream and coffee shop. All day, the Sun was soaring on us and we wanted to cool off. We took an ice-cream and strolled for some more time along the beach. There are many restaurant options near Plaza de la Marina – another end of the Malaga’s park. We ended our day here with the dinner.

A short trip to Malaga
Plaza de la marina, Malaga

Day 2

On previous day we ran short of time to visit the famous shopping street. Therefore today, we decided to hit there first. On our way, we stopped at a decent typical Spanish cafe for breakfast. It was located somewhere in the small alleys at the corner of crossroads. Therefore there was no rush around. We settled on a roadside table. They served us delicious crunchy Churros with chocolate and Spanish omelet.

While sitting there, we saw in the adjusting lane, one water tanker came and workers literally washed the entire street. Ohh, that is why streets are so clean and smooth! By the time we finished eating, the truck came in our lane and started cleaning. We saw this almost everywhere in the morning hours. I did not understand why do these people waste so much of water.

A short trip to Malaga
Plaza de la Constitución, Malaga

First, we reached Plaza de la Constitución. This square is surrounded by some shops and restaurants. The famous shopping street ‘Calle Marqués de Larios’ starts from here. This is one of the most expensive shopping places in Europe. There are all types of brand shops, tapas, cafes, restaurants. This is the most lively and the most visited place in Malaga. As we went there in the morning hours, it was not still crowded. We strolled along the street and reached to the other end – Plaza de la Marina. We entered again the Malaga Park and strolled for some time. Today we were leaving in the afternoon. We winded up our trip after lunch and reached to Malaga central station.

A short trip to Malaga
Alcazaba palace, Malaga

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Where next?

From Malaga, one can proceed to Seville or Granada or can spend a weekend in Madrid– the capital city of Spain.

Some more information

  1. Malaga airport is connected by most of the budget airlines in Europe.
  2. Local public transport includes a wide extensive network of buses. Airport transfer is also suitable with train or buses.
  3. It is a great city to experience Andalusian traditions and food.
  4. Malaga is a most suitable entry point to reach Cordoba, Granada, and Seville.