Dinan: Best kept secret of Brittany

Dinan’s old town is the best kept medieval town with age-old half-timbered houses, lined up along the narrow winding lanes. If you can visit only one place in Brittany, go to Dinan.

Dinan, France
Rance river in Dinan, Brittany

One can reach Dinan, Brittany in little more than half an hour from Rennes by car. You can also choose to sail up the river Rance from St. Malo to reach the picturesque port in the deep valley lined by old grey buildings. This is the postcard photo spot of Dinan.

Cap Frehel is only about 30 min from Dinan which has beautiful coastal walks.

Dinan Street view
Dinan streets

The river Rance flows neatly through well marked stone path in the valley of Dinan. The buildings along the sides host a variety of restaurants and shops. One can enjoy boating or biking or simply leisurely walk along the river.

The old town center of Dinan is uphill and the best way to reach there is on foot. Of course one can drive there but the Rue du Petit Fort and further the Rue du Jerzual lanes are simply scenic. These are narrow steep lanes going up from the old Dinan port to the town center. The street/lane is lined with half timbered unique houses which are narrow at the ground than their upper floors. The tine-tiny gardens in front of the closely lined up houses and the cobbled streets will give you plenty of opportunities to click your shots.

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On the way to uphill, you will cross an enough old stone bridge, which is actually a part of old town fortification. This rampart was built in 13th century. One can walk on this wall for some nice views over the town. If you are fan of such historic town fortifications, then you must visit Rothenburg ob der Taub in Germany.

If you continue walking uphill, soon you will reach the historic old town center. The old half-timbered houses, narrow cobbled lanes and small shops and cafes are just like a maze to get lost in. Various popular sites here, can be explored on foot. Do not forget to explore the ‘thirsty street’ which has got its name due to nine bars on the same street.

Dinan cobbled Streets
Cobbled Streets of Dinan

Normandy’s capital city- Rouen is also popular for age old half-timbered houses, typical of the region.

Did you know? In the clear weather, from the town walls, one see as far as up to Mont St. Michael.

Dinan is a historic hub with lots of ruins and medieval buildings. The deep valley of river Rance and the waterside restaurants are just inevitable. Dinan is one of those places to be visited lingeringly exploring narrow lanes and relaxing alongside the river.

Dinan’s old town is the best kept medieval town and a perfect family day trip on budget. #dinan #Brittany #france #visitbrittany #rance #medieval #cobbledstreet #halftimbered #daytrip #roadtrip #drive
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Dinan’s old town is the best kept medieval town and a perfect family day trip on budget. #dinan #Brittany #france #visitbrittany #rance #medieval #cobbledstreet #halftimbered #daytrip #roadtrip #drive
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