Welcome to Varsha’s Travel360. We are happy to have you here. We are an enthusiastic and always curious family on travel. We like to explore the new destinations, meet people and to know diverse cultures through their food. We also visit the destinations repeatedly; each time with a new perception.


Varsha Kulkarni - Gawai

Hi, I am Varsha. I am keenly interested in world history. The cultural and heritage sites especially attract me and keep me curious and eager to visit the place. At the same time, I am a nature lover. I like endless landscapes, mountains and seashores, waterfalls and lakes, gardens, and jungles. Every time I travel, watching the Sunrise from behind the mountains – might be the moment- I am constantly looking for.

I like to share my travel experiences through this blog. I try to collect all the possible information about the place so as to share some useful tips to my readers. A good and efficient planning of a travel is a key to the success of any trip and I love to do that. As we have Aarush’s all-time energetic accompany, I keep looking for various kid’s friendly activities and similar spots around the destinations. I also like to collect the precious moments during our travel in my video camera and then to share them with you through our YouTube channel – Varshastravel360.


Amol Gawai


Hi, I am Amol. Professionally, I work in IT industry but my real passion is to capture teeny-tiny moments and to stack them in the package of joy. Yes, I am a photographer. The latest mirrorless camera is my preferred assistant during our travel. I like to shoot landscape and monuments. When not traveling, I am busy catching several moods and shades of Aarush. He is the best model for me.




Aarush Gawai


Hi all, I am Aarush. I am the most junior in this traveling family but do you know? I am the most excited one. I like to travel by train and also to fly. I like to scavenge the caves and to hike up the mountains. To build the sand castles on the seashore is my favorite time-pass. I can talk endlessly about cars – no, not the movie, I mean real cars. I love cars. But I get bored during long drives. Then I better read my favorite book or listen to the music.